• Abstract Photographs - A dialogue between layers of paint, the effects of time and personal expression, our wall photographs are a metaphor for the lives of the people who created them. Thousands of hands paint voices onto the surfaces, creating a conversation constantly in flux. Acting as a physical link to our subconscious, we see them and find our own translations.  Pulling notes out of the chaos, our photographs are an isolation of the fragments that speak most strongly to  us. 

  • Elements Of Design- Architectural elements and details can be broken down to reveal the true essence of the original object.

  • Creative Photographs - Using special cameras, lens and in-camera double exposures we have re-interpreted the objects around us. The resulting photographs lead the viewer into the image and allow the imagination to wander.

  • Quirky Photographs - The fun, unusual or funky moments and places in this world are what keep us happy.

  • New Orleans and French Quarter Photographs - A feast of architectural styles, colors and textures, French Quarter photographs can be both subtly evocative and visually exciting.