fine art projects

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Phantom Winds; A Mystic Hymn of Louisiana is a book project illustrating the mysterious and poetic qualities of South Louisiana. It is accompanied by excerpts from the descriptive writings of Lafcadio Hearn.

'Cultural Vistas' Magazine portfolio on Phantom Winds book project

Field Notes; Searching For Southern Mythology is a long-standing, ongoing project about the uniqueness of the American South.

'Louisiana Life' Magazine article on Field Notes

Latin America consists of several ongoing series based on our travels through Latin America.

Mixed Media Assemblages:  Always attracted to ambiguity, we began to use mixed media assemblage as a way to achieve a more expressive experience with the subject of our images. Using our own personal additions was irresistible. In the same way that we slowly peel off the layers in life to reveal different truths, we are adding layers onto the surface of our photographs, in order to build up these mysteries and complexities. We can also convey fragmented moments of time and our personal perceptions of internal realities by constructing or deconstructing the surface of the photograph. Within each project our work is separate. Although our methods are different, the process for each of us begins with our own original photograph.